Aboriginal MP vows not to back down despite death and gang rape threats

Victoria's first female Aboriginal MP says she has been threatened with death and gang rape for her comments over Australia Day.

Greens MP Lidia Thorpe has previously called for flags to be flown at half-mast on January 26 to recognise the crimes committed against Aboriginal people.

But her calls earlier this week were met with threatening emails and notes, which she has since reported to Victoria Police.

Ms Thorpe said she would not be silent despite the threats.

"I am not going to stand for this kind of behaviour and I'm not going to back down from the message that I'm trying to send out there to the people of this country," she said.

"We need to deal with the true history of this country.

"This is not going to be tolerated and it's not going to silence me. It's going to make me more determined to put the message out there and to stand up as an Aboriginal woman."

On Friday, Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion claimed not a single Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person had approached him about changing to date of Australia Day.

He made his comments after one of the Prime Minister's Indigenous affairs advisers, Chris Sarra, told 7.30 holding Australia Day on January 26 was dividing Australians and excluding Indigenous people.

Senator Scullion said it was "good to have heard that advice" from Dr Sarra, but that "outside of Chris", nobody had raised it with him.

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