What does CES stand for, what are the dates, and where is it held?

What does CES stand for, what are the dates and where is it held?
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This year’s CES is set to be a big one, with tech gurus from across the world gearing up to show off their wares.

CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show, and it is the annual trade show run by the Consumer Technology Association.

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Some amazing products are showcased every year, with everything from the Alexa fridge to a virtual reality headsets getting their first outing at the expo.

It starts soon, so find out when it is and what you can expect for the 2018 show.

What does CES stand for, what are the dates and where is it held?
President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association Gary Shapiro delivers a keynote address at CES 2017 (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

When and where is CES in 2018?

This year’s CES starts on Tuesday January 9th at 6pm (UK time) and finishes on Friday January 12th.

It will be held at three different locations in Las Vegas, Nevada, dubbed Tech East, Tech West, and Tech South. Each day will show products from different parts of the industry.

CES will also be livestreamed for fans who can’t make it to Las Vegas and want to get in on the action. Reserve your ‘seat’ here.

What does CES stand for, what are the dates and where is it held?
An Amazon Echo device is displayed at the Ford booth at CES 2017(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

What will be at CES 2018?

Over 4,000 exhibitors will be showing off their high-tech gadgets this year and over 17,000 people expected to be in attendance.

There will be plenty of companies promoting new AI and VR products, with Google and Amazon expected to unveil new additions to their Alexa and Google Home products.

Health and wellbeing will also be a huge focus, with wearable tech that aims to stop compulsive behaviours, reduce snoring, and improve chances of conceiving.

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Furniture company Miliboo will be debuting a sofa that charges your phone and logs how long you’ve sat on it, which may not be such a welcome product for those who like to relax in front of the TV.

For people who think tech may have got a bit too Black Mirror for them, however, something called Cone of Silence will be officially launched at the event, which stops your smart speakers from listening at all times.

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