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15yo boy tasered by police during acid trip

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Police who restrained a 15-year-old Sunshine Coast boy during a drug-fuelled episode say the use of a taser and capsicum spray was a "last resort".

Worried neighbours called police to Serenity Court in Buderim on Wednesday night, with reports the boy was doing laps of the street, screaming and charging into bins and cars.

The boy was with a group of friends when he had the violent reaction to the drug.

Neighbour Bianca Clare, an ABC journalist, said the boy was running towards traffic and lashing out at paramedics. She said he was eventually tasered three times by police.

"There were six teenagers on the street. After talking to them we realised one of them had taken acid and was having a reaction to it," Ms Clare said.

"He was naked, running up and down the street. It was really quite traumatic to see."

Superintendent Darryl Johnson said officers had acted professionally, and even though the boy was not armed he was a threat to police and neighbours.

"We had to use the taser on a number of occasions to subdue the young fellow. We only use that as a last resort, and our police officers were faced with that last night," Superintendent Johnson said.

"It's really a reminder to us all about the dangers of our kids using these drugs."

The boy was transported to hospital and police are yet to lay charges.

Acid, a synthetic drug, is known for causing hallucinations and giving users a sense of euphoria. But side effects include fast breathing, psychosis and vomiting.

Importation of the drug into Australia is increasing, with detections at the border rising from under 100 in 2008-09 to more than 700 in 2015-16, according to the latest figures from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

Queensland authorities seized 33 kilograms of the drug in 2015-16 — a 2,415 per cent increase on the previous year, the ACIC figures show.

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